Bombora drops new website!!!

Yes! the time has come, the hype train is stuffed to the tits with crumbly thane bits and is ready to leave the station! First off we would like to welcome you to Bombora's new website and to our new BOARD BLOG where we attempt stumble through writing these blog posts in between runs.

We will be dropping fresh content on this site every week! So, what can you expect? New BOARDS (yes that is plural) VIDEOS, EVENTS, BLOG POSTS, TUTORIALS, REVIEWS and a ton of fun things that we will sprinkle upon you beautiful people from time to time. Lets start with a little somethin, somethin right meow!!! Here is a teaser frame from one of our new graphics.


We are hella stoked to have graphic artist Dave Praetorius on board this year to smash out our graphics! This man is crazy talented and we can't wait to share with you his epic creations through our brand spankin new graphic process. Prepare to be impressed.

Whispers of this years 8th annual SWAP MEET are echoing through the shop. We are teaming up again with our family at Roarockit to bring you yet another epic day of swapping and shredding. All we can say for now is book Sunday March 29th off and start shining up those old trucks and get ready to swap your way up to glory. 

Congratulations! You made it through our first ever blog post, we'll keep this one short and sweet so you have time to play around on the new website. Stay tuned, every week we will be dropping new content exclusively on this site. Make sure you subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to gobble up all the goodies.