It all started in a cramped, crazy hot, spare bedroom where owner Rob DeFreitas painstakingly built every deck by hand using the Roarockit T.A.P. system. The boards were not for sale and only built for friends and family, they served as a way for Rob to express his creative abilities. When he realized that he could use the boards to raise money for events and skate trips he decided to start selling a few here and there. All of the sudden there was a demand for his boards due to the limited amount he could make by hand and the rarity of each board. It was time to start Bombora for real !



We take great pride in the fact that our boards, riders, artists and almost everything else is locally sourced right here in Canada. To visit our manufacturer it's not a flight overseas but a hour drive. This allows us to maintain the highest standards of production and it gives us that warm feeling of supporting a great local business while helping offset carbon emissions. Almost all of our materials we use come from Canada, why would we use another counties wood when we have some of the best wood in the world right here? Sure it may be more expensive for us to produce our boards locally but supporting local families and friends is incredibly valuable to us and is something that is sorely lacking in our industry.